Self Model Download – Levi Jones, Ash Jones(2p) +v3 Update)

Self Model Download – Levi Jones, Ash Jones(2p) +v3 Update)


Hello all, I’ll be uploading and updating my self models on this page. So you can check back here if there’s a new version. Since I’ll be sharing it publicly, I’ve put a zip pass just in case. Please read the credits and obey the rules, thank you.


  • Always put credits respectively.
  • Credit me – Levi Jones
  • You can edit (Let me know I’d love to see them in other outfits)
  • You can take parts but credit me and the original creator of the part
  • Yaoi/Yuri is fine but NOTHING TOO EXPLICIT
  • Don’t claim as your own.
  • Don’t share the password
  • Don’t redistribute
  • Don’t trade nor sell
  • Don’t use in gore/violence
  • Don’t 3D print


  • TDA
  • Larigian
  • ThisisKENZ
  • YamiSweet
  • Jjinomu
  • Avant-Garde3D
  • SuminoChan
  • Tehrainbowllama
  • TS3
  • Nashie-C
  • cacti-sloom
  • me (Levi Jones)
Credits: for 3.0
Base – TDA & YuukineKA
Hair – Larigian
Choker – kreifish
Top – AneCoco
Belt – AyaneFoxey
Shoes – MariCorsair


Levi Jones v3 Gamer

Levi Jones v3

Levi Jones v2

Ash Jones v1

Levi Jones

An 18 year old girl that has a passion for Digital paintings and an MMDer for 4 years. Become a Patron!

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  1. Hi! just wan to tell u i cant see the pic nor unlock the password dd u change it?

    1. Not sure by what you mean with cant see the pic. But the password is still the same:

      1. Hey Levi um I don’t know the password so can send it to my it is your model the self model it is not the gamer one oR Ash it is the one were it is your YouTube avatar and also I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR VIDEOS

  2. But there is a very important question… Where is mah boi Lance? Did you kill him in All Eyes On Me~?

    1. Lol no, precious boi is alive and well >w>/
      But I will not be distributing him for download.

      1. Oof, that’s disappointing! I’ve been searching for him for like an hour because I’m unfamiliar with your work. I guess I know now atleast lol!

  3. Hello
    try to download the models, but you can not, I get this message:
    box “This user is not allowed to use direct links.”
    please can you check if the link is ok or re-upload the models

    1. Thank you for letting me know, I just fixed it. You should be able to download it now 🙂

  4. Here just wanting to download you models

  5. Lovely self-models! Out of curiosity, would Lance and/or Ace ever be downloadable like Levi and Ash? I nosebleed every time I see them ;w;

  6. If my other comment goes up before I can edit it, I just read one of your later comments and while I’m sad neither Lance or Ace are likely to be downloadable, I think I know the reason why. Still… ;w;

  7. levi how do u make le models?? mind if u tell meh su i can figure out how to make modles

    1. I use a TDA base model and edit it using PMX Editor

  8. I love your models so much <3 Am I allowed to make a video with your model?

  9. Can I please have the boys versions if Levi (Lance Jones please) it won’t let me go through the website so is there any other way I can download Lance. I love to hear some answers soon, Thank you.

    1. No, sorry. Lance won’t be available for download.

  10. It Doesn’t let me Download the model

  11. what hair did hair for your Character why just wanted to know it from TDA or MMD

  12. i really like your videos

  13. i cant open the file at all. i can’t look at anything to figure out the password

  14. i tried the password it did not work 🙁

  15. i really fan levi jones and
    I always wanted the motion of all eyes for on me and the models this my gmail

  16. Hi Levi, I love your videos! You’re amazing! I was just wondering, what hair did you use? Is there a DA link to the hair? Pls, tell me ^w^.

  17. Hi Levi! I’ve wondered… what’s the link of your models hair?

  18. I’m sad that Lance-kun can’t be downloaded :’
    but, Levi can be dowloaded, it’s fine~ 😀

  19. thank you for the model, there is FANTASTIC!

  20. Hello, I was just wondering if you had any other models available for download. I love the two above and I was curious if you have any others. Thanks!

  21. Hey Levi, For your V3 model I can’t seem to download it, it says “This user is not allowed to use direct links”

    Is there a way to fix this or not.

    Let me know if you fix it or another reason.

    Have a nice day/night

  22. I don’t know if I commented this (if I did it doesn’t show)

    But when I try to download your V3 model it keeps saying “this user is not allowed to use direct links”

    If you can fix this please let me know I love the model.

  23. Hi i cant download the gamer model it tells me to go to different wedsites and i cant download it on those wedsites

  24. Hi Levi Can I borrow a base of your V3 model please ^^

  25. I can’t unzip it. It always says “wrong password”. What can I do?

    1. You sure you entered the correct password?

  26. I have downloaded a Levi Jones self-model and I was Just playing around with the model and changed the outfits how do I send You the thing from MMD

  27. the shoes won’t change

  28. camosta this is a philipen word it supposed to be hello in philipeno

  29. Will your KDA type models ever be put out for download?

  30. Ninguno de los tres model`s me deja descargarlos, a lo único que me envía es a otra pagina pero en esta tiene como texto un:

    Este contenido pertenece a un usuario que ha superado el limite de ancho de banda.

    Las opciones de este son:
    *Comparta sus archivos
    *Descubra Box
    *Ayuda acerca de las restricciones de ancho de banda

    ¿Hay algo que esté haciendo mal?

    1. Thanks for letting me know. Download has been fixed 🙂

  31. It cant download for some reason, it takes me to a website about ‘box’

    1. Thanks for letting me know. Download has been fixed 🙂

  32. Hi, I wanted to download your V3 Gamer version of Levi Jones but it goes to! What should I do?

    1. Thanks for letting me know. Download has been fixed 🙂

  33. The V3 model link isn’t working, the box link says “The user hosting this content is out of bandwidth”. Could you please re-upload it?

    1. Thanks for letting me know. Download has been fixed 🙂

  34. Hey, is there a problem if I use your Nightcore Mashup (Despacito, Faded, Shape of You, Treat you Better) to win a contest? it’s about playing a song on piano and this one would be perfect. Of course, credits from you would be there.
    PS: I’m your biggest fan :).
    MfG, Linus Davis

  35. For Ash Jones and Levi Jones V2, the password doesn’t seem to work. I’m not exactly sure how to show you but as I was scrolling through the comments, it seems as if others had this problem as well. Let me know if you need some pictures or videos! Thanks~
    – Lunar

  36. Oops, nevermind! I found out what was wrong. It seems as though Levi Jones V3 model’s password is, while the other models are

    Sorry to be a bother, but I found out for anyone else who wanted to know! ^-^’

  37. Hi there! the password for gaming levi isn’t working for me. it keeps saying invalid password on the RAR file. And it’s only for the gaming levi model, the other models don’t work.

    1. i meant the other models other than the gaming one, they work

  38. it always comes up as an error when i try to download your models… that’s no fun.. ):

  39. hello Levi Jones i just wanna ask you a question how can i get a hair like yours?

    1. oops wrong question can you send me the base link you used?

  40. oops wrong question can you send me the base link you used?

  41. Levi Jones can I edit your models ? Because I try to create my own model but I am a little confused for set physics in a hair…

  42. There’s no download link for Levi Jones V3 on my screen

  43. Hi Levi. Everytime i download ash it comes up with an error notification. If you know whats going on or if anyone else has had this before please could you tell me how to fix it
    P.S I joined ur channel yesterday. I was ur 486th sub

  44. I tried to copy it into my models file but it says there is a expected error for coping in it can you fix it

  45. Hey, did you know that your ash and Levi’s password doesn’t work

  46. are you going to put the Melanie Levi up for download?

  47. also, the password isn’t working for some reason, sorry if im bothering you.

  48. are you planning on adding your show and tell model

  49. Are you planning on posting your show and tell Levi model? I love it, it’s so cool

  50. Hello Levi, Do you remember what hair you used by Larigian?

  51. Hi Levi. I love your work. I am inspired to want to help and help create or get taught how to make MMDs. And help make the video making process easier for you. And make great new character ideas.

    i know its by Larigian but i can’t find him/her anywhere 🙁

  53. Hey levi! i love your work and its nice to see someone passonite* (rip spelling) about there work! but uh… i need help ;-;
    See in one of your videos im trying to find a model but i cant find it anywhere can you help me?- ofc i will credit you as i always credit everyone!

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