Solo MMD MAP – closed

Solo MMD MAP – closed


  • Motions: As smooth as possible. Must have decent experience in making your own original motions
  • Camera: Make sure to transition the camera well in beat to the music of your parts
  • Models: Male characters ONLY. Don’t use female characters as the main singer, but they can be used as a background character/partner. If you want to use Lance, let me know and I’ll send him to you
  • Effects: Raycast is recommended. But other shaders and effects is accepted too.
  • Screen Size: 1920×825
  • Programs: MikuMikuDance (MMD)
  • Don’t put watermarks in your video. I’ll be the one to put them to have a consistent font design for all


You got 3 weeks starting from the day you got approved.
Preferred deadline: Last week of September, 2018
There are 2 ways you can submit your part to me:

  1. Mp4 file (1920×850) – Already rendered including effects and all that. Ready to be added to the final video.
  2. Motion of your part – You’ll let me render your part with my ray effects, video size, etc. for you (consistency)

Application Form (closed)

Enter your details here. When you are approved, you’ll receive the project files of your selected part in your email. I’ll also be inviting you to a discord channel where we can talk about the map project (details and questions)

Excited to be working with you ^^

Note. You can pick a maximum of 2 parts

Submission Form

NOTE: This is only for those who already have a part and will be submitting the final output. If you want to apply, use the form ABOVE this.

Use this form to submit your finished part. Name your zip file as Solo – [part#] [name]

ex: Solo – 20 Levi

[contact-form-7 id=”35″ title=”Solo Submission form”]

Levi Jones

An 18 year old girl that has a passion for Digital paintings and an MMDer for 4 years. Become a Patron!

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